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RepairPlaza is part of Prime Tech Support

Prime Tech support  our sister company provides business , home services, remote assistance and if you want we would be happy to attend you right at our location. Besides our technical support services we can provide you website solutions or optimization, search engine optimization and marketing management.  At Prime Tech Support we are eager to help you with any issue with your Server, Firewalls, Networks, VoIP PBX, PCs, Laptops, Smart phones, tablets or whatever you need!

Our Story

Repair Plaza is a brand  of Prime Tech Support. Repair Plaza began when we realized that to get good products we needed it to fix them. We bought lots of computers, tablets and phones and every time we decided to clean them and fix them to be able to sell them. All this becuase our name was on the line. That is why Prime Tech Support decided to open a group called RepairPlaza, this team fix and repair all units that we buy online or locally and sell them repaired (you wont notice the difference between a used one and a new one) because our team makes sure it is well fixed.

Now our team sell repaired units, lots of computers, phones, tablets and more. We also sell new units at very competitive prices. Check around to see what we offer to our community


  • Repaired Units 100%
  • Reasonable Prices 100%
  • Responsible Team 100%

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